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McConalogue confirms significant progress in Three School Campus Buncrana project

15 March 2022

McConalogue confirms announcement of major expansion of the DEIS programme including 32 new schools in County Donegal

09 March 2022

McConalogue welcomes built heritage funding for Donegal

07 March 2022

McConalogue welcomes publication of SCSI mica scheme costs report

03 March 2022

Minister McConalogue welcomed the announcement of the Shared Island North South Research Programme awardees from the first call in the scheme by the Taoiseach and Minister Harris at 3.30pm today at the Trinity Biosciences Institute on Pearse St, Dublin

02 March 2022

McConalogue confirms over €35m million for Donegal regional and local roads

15 February 2022

Record €5.64m provided for the Sports Capital & Equipment Programme in Donegal

11 February 2022

Minister McConalogue to invest over €9 million during 2022 in Killybegs fishery harbour centre

04 February 2022

McConalogue welcomes over €5.5m funding package for Donegal walking and cycling infrastructure

24 January 2022

Minister McConalogue welcomes mart buyers back ringside

20th May 2021