McConalogue welcomes payment of four vital cost of living payments this week

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine and Donegal T.D., Charlie McConalogue, has welcomed the payment of four separate lump-sum payments, which are set to be paid this week, which will benefit older people, working families and people with disabilities in Donegal.


The Minister commented, “In total over 865,000 people nationally will benefit from these vital cost of living payments including many people in Donegal.”


The lump sum payments being paid this week are:

  • €500 Disability Support Grant will be paid to 216,000 people receiving Disability Allowance, Blind Pension and Invalidity Pension
  • €400 Fuel Allowance Lump Sum Payment will be paid to over 370,000 households
  • €500 lump sum Working Family Payment will be paid to 44,000 families
  • €200 lump sum payment will be paid to the 234,000 people in receipt of the Living Alone Allowance


McConalogue continued: “The lump sum payments being made this week are an integral part of the comprehensive Budget package to provide assistance to households in dealing with the rising cost of living.


“In framing the budget, Fianna Fáil in Government’s aim was to ensure the support being given would be delivered in a timely manner, would benefit every household in the State to some degree and be progressive in nature by supporting those on lower incomes by the greatest amount.


“These four payments, when combined with the first of three €200 energy credits which was paid earlier this month, as well as the additional weekly social protection and child benefit payments already administered, means that over €1.2 billion in assistance has been delivered to date.


“In the weeks ahead, a once off reduction in the student contribution fee and double payments to those eligible for SUSI maintenance grants will be made. In January, income tax reductions and weekly welfare increases will be applied. The overall package of supports represents a tangible response to the substantial bills and expenses that households are currently facing.”


In addition to the series of lump-sum payments, there is set to be a major expansion of the Fuel Allowance Scheme – which will see up to 81,000 new households supported with their fuel cost for the first time – and across-the-board increases of €12 per week to all core payments. These measures will take effect in January 2023.