Minister McConalogue highlights the importance of reducing Food Waste

On National Stop Food Waste Day 2023, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD, highlighted the important role that each of us can play in reducing food waste.

Minister McConalogue said:

“Tackling food waste is one the most effective solutions in tackling our global climate targets. It is good for the environment and good for the pocket. Food waste is estimated to cost the average household €700 per year. Reducing our food waste is a common-sense way of saving money, as well as protecting the environment.

Being more aware of what food we are most likely to waste is an important first step in reducing every household’s food waste. EPA research shows that bread, fruit and vegetables are most likely to go to waste.”


The focus of this year’s National Stop Food Waste Day is to invite people to take the Stop Food Waste challenge to:

  • Find out what food you waste the most.
  • See where you can make savings on your food bill.
  • Reduce the food you waste the most by:
      • Buying less.
      • Storing better.
      • Eating.
      • Freezing.

Minister McConalogue added: “Reducing our food waste means we respect our farm and fishing families processors and those who work to provide us with that food.”

More information on the Stop Food Waste challenge can be found HERE